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P a t r í c i a P o r t e l a CV
(1974) Lives between Lisbon and Antwerp.

Presently following a PHD in art and multimedia and philosophy at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon.
BA abridged (2014) and Masters in Philosophy (magna cum laude) at the Institute of Philosophy in Leuven, 2016.
Post-graduation in Art, Performance and Theatricality at APT – Antwerp (Artistic Research Scholarship by FCG 2002/03);
8,5 months course at the European Film College (Ebeltoft, DE), specializations in documentar, sound edition, script writing 2000/2001.
MA of Arts in Scenography at the Central Saint Martins College of Art, London/Utrecht Faculty of Theatre [Artist’s Scholarship CNC, 1996/97];
BA in set and costume design at the Theatre and Film Institute of Lisbon (1992/95);

* 46º International Writers Program (IWP) in Iowa City and inaugural Outreach Fellow of the University of Iowa City (Invitation and support by the Cultural Department of the USA, 08 a 12 de 2013).
*Participation at the Renewable futures conference/artista residency – a think-tank for scientists and artists on art, Science and sustainability; 2012;
*Artistic Residency at the Land-art Festival “Ancient futures” in Coed Hills Art Space-Wales, 2002;
*Participation at the 4th seminar “True truth for the nearly real” Sommeracademie of Frankfurt/Mousuntorm, workshops by Meg Stuart, André Lepecki, Gerald Siegmund, Harun Farocki and Diedrich Diedrichsen, (Invitation and support by FCG [2002];
* Participation at the Roundabout Meeting – colective artistic residency between theory and practice in performative arts curated by Koen Tachelet, Maaike Bleeker and Emil Hrvatin. APT/Roterdam-Capital of Culture 2001, (supported by FCG 2001).
* Education in classical ballet and contemporanean movement with Sofia Neuparth, Peter Michael Dietz, Amélia Bentes, Fernando Crespo, Paulo Ribeiro, Clara Andermatt, Emmanuelle Huyn, Mónica Lapa, amongst others, from 1990 – 2000 at the Rui Horta Dance School and C.E.M.

Revisitar, guided tour in partnership with Leonor Barata through the national collection of the Museum Grão Vasco in Viseu, premiere May 2016.
21 instruções para ti própria para evitar a primavera, participation at the collective exhibition Faz tu Mesmx – Art by Instruction – curated by Media Instáveis for Seputnik Window, Porto, 16 04 -21-05-2016.
Sound Posters for Ernesto Sousa, participation in the collective intervention Veículo para a Intimidade, a tribute to Ernesto Sousa, included in the exhibition My body is your body, 19 and 20 02 2016, Berardo Museum, Lisbon.
Parasomnia, Finalist of the 1st Sonae Media Art Prize 2015/ Mnacc; 21 11 15 to 31 01 16;
Hortus, 2012, installation for gardens and literary salons, in partnership with Christoph de Boeck, co-production by Imagine 2020 and House on Fire; touring in Europe and USA.
The Chiado of Acácio Nobre, 2009 sound installation in partnership with Christoph de Boeck, MNACC/FestivalTemps d’images;
ÁudioMenus, 2009, sound installation for cafés, hairdressers, supermarkets and libraries, national tour;
Parasitas, micro video-dance installations with Sónia Baptista between 2004 and 2006 in Torres Vedras, Montemor-O.Novo, Salzburg, Berlin, Kortrijk, London, amongst other cities, Apap program.
Oogopslag I, Performance for headphones and alliens (and a tribute to Orson Welles) Hotel Ideal Festival production Laika / CCBerchem, (May 2004) and “oogopslag II” as part of the project “nieuw inwoners”, by the town hall of Deurne-Antwerp 2003.

PERFORMANCES (conception, coordination and dramaturgy):
The Private Collection of Acácio Nobre Nobre, 2010, in partnership with sound artist Christoph de Boeck. European tour;
Banquet, 2007, in partnership with DeepBlue (BE) (top10 of the best performances of the year by the Belgian press). European Tour;
Odilia, 2006, co-production with Laika (BE), tour in Portugal and Belgium, Wales and Dusseldorf;
Flatland I, 2004 (Prize Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão/F.C.G. 2004, special mention Bolsa Ernesto Sousa 2004, considered one of the best performances of the year by the Portuguese and Belgian press) and Flatland Trilogy, 2006 (special mention by the Portuguese Association of theatre critics 2006), European tour, Brasil and Middle East;
Wasteband, 2003 (Prize reprise Teatro na Década by C.P.A.I. and special mention Prize Acarte/Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), European tour;
Lan Tao, 2000, Cinearte theatre, Trindade theatre (Festival scem autor), Lisbon, supported by FCG and Fundação Oriente;
T5, 1999, at the National Pantheon, Lisbon (Prize Teatro na Década); and Operação Cardume Rosa,1998, in Lisbon, Porto and Macau, in collaboration with the group O resto.
One Spoke, One Smoked, One died, 1997, Café Hoffman in Utrecht (NL), with Jos Roddman and Henriette Benzacken (as the practical outcome of the MA of arts thesis).
For a young audience:
Periodic Fables, performance/lab >6, 2014, in partnership with Cláudia Jardim and Sónia Baptista, national tour;
The Game of Questions >8, 2009, performance/game; national tour;
Tiny goes no where >8, 2008, in partnership with Cláudia Jardim/Teatro Praga, national tour;


“A coleção privada de Acácio Nobre”, novel, Editorial Caminho, 2016.

“Hortus conclusus”, art book hand pressed and bound, 30 copies, in partnership with Leslie Smith, supported by Iowa City’s Art center for the book at the University of Iowa and IWP- international writers program, 2015.

“Wasteband”, novel/game, Editorial Caminho, 2014.

Banquete, novel/essay (finalist of the Grande Prémio de Romance e novela APE), Editorial Caminho, 2012.

Para Cima e não para Norte, novel, Editorial Caminho 2009 (with a scholarship by CNC).

Odília, novella, Editorial Caminho, 2007
(performance texto translated into Norwegean by Äpne Teater publications, 2008).

Se não bigo não digo, Editora Fenda, 1999.

Operação cardume rosa, catálogo, Editora Fenda, 1998.

Collective Editions by PRADO (as author and as editor)

Guia Ler e Ver Lisboa, an alternative literary tourist guide by 20 authors and 20 illustrators, 2016.

Microenciclopédia, with Joana Bértholo, André e. Teodósio, Afonso Cruz, Pedro Medina Ribeiro, Rita Taborda Duarte, dr Bakali, entre outros, 2013.

O Caso do Cadáver Esquisito, with Ondjaki, Afonso Cruz, Sandro William Junqueira, Joana Bértholo, Rita Taborda Duarte, Paulo Condessa, Miguel Castro Caldas, amongst others, 2011.

Other publications:


“Robinson Crusoé”, TNDMII/Bicho do mato, 2010; and “Escudos Humanos” edited by Culturgest/Panos, 2008 (translated to Hungarian by L’Harmattan, 2012).

ANTHOLOGIES - Obituaries, essay for the anthology “Krisis” ( a perspective on the European crisis by European authors), Astor Förlag, Sweden, 2012; Monólogo do Oriente, digital short story by DN library, 2013; O Jogo, short story on football in the anthology “Fora de Jogo” by Caminho das Palavras, 2010; Babbot, short story, in the anthology “O prazer da leitura, vol. 3”, Teorema/Fnac, 2010. Patrícia Portela received the Prize CNC "Portuguese Navigators 94" for the comic book in partnership with Pedro Murteira with the text "The Vanilla Empire" (1994).
Magazines: “A world written by ghosts”, online and paper publication of EPW – Economy&Polictics Weekly, India, April 2014;“ Art as a ghost writer”, published in the magazine Kaleidoscópio, December 2014; “Odilia and the senses”, academic magazine of theatre and performance art ETC (BE), 2007; “Vision and Visuality”, academic magazine of performance art MASKA (SLO), 2003; “Alternative forms of art education”, magazine on art and performance Janus (BE), 2002.


11 - 13 05 15 – workshop “Heros” Portuguese Language week in Berlin, invitation of the Portuguese Embassy in Germany/IC;

25 - 27 03 15 – speaker at the seminar "Writing for which skin?" and coordinator of the workshop on new dramaturgies at the Festival End - Encontros de novas dramaturgias - 750 years of the University of Coimbra;

28 03 15 speaker at Recordar os esquecidos, Livraria Almedina, Lisbon, with Historian Irene Pimentel, Prize Pessoa 2007, moderation by João Morales.

16 04 15 – speaker at the 1st International Conference on Tadeusz Kantor - 1915-2015 organized by the University of Évora, CHAIA.

22 - 25 02 15 – speaker at: É isto uma criança?/Is this a child?, curated by Inês Fonseca Santos, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

26 and 27 01 15 – Language week in Madeira: Let's read for pleasure – meetings and sessions with secondary schools in Madeira, Invitation by the Embassy of the United States in Portugal;

9 - 11 12 14 – workshop at the MA on Análise de textos literários e dos média and conference on art and science in Patrícia Portela’s work, invitation by the University of Leipzig/IC;

15 11 14 – participation at the Festival do Fantástico, with Natália Luiza, moderation by João Morales sessão with "Theatre and the fantastic genre", Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro;

“performing arts and climate change”, conference in performing urgency, House on Fire and Imagine 2020, ICA, London, June 2011.

“Art and Ciência”, talk at the Opening or the Residency program on Art, science and technology by DGArtes / Ciência Viva, 2008.

“ performance in Portugal” talk with Vera Mantero and Pedro Penim – Festival of performing arts at the National theatre of Toulouse, 2007.
Encontros Capitals/Acarte - “The coma coma generation” and the Brecht complex, July 2003.

Patríci Portela participates in several literary festivals since 2008.

CINEMA: actress in the short movie “Kalkitos” [Festival de Curtas Metragens de Vila do Conde, 2002] and costume and set designer for the short movie "Inventário de Natal", by Miguel Gomes [Prize best photography at Festival de Curtas de Vila do Conde, 2000]; between 1997 and 1999 has worked as a costume designer and decorator for several short movies by Luís Fonseca, Fátima Ribeiro, Luís Alvarães and Fernando Vendrell, Pedro Sena Nunes, amongst others.

COSTUME DESIGN: for Teatro da Garagem in “Gesta marítima”, 1994, and “A nossa aldeia”, 1995; for O Olho in “Disrupção”, 1996. For "PardeDois", by Beatriz Cantinho, 2001 and O projecto teatral: “As Troianas”, 1995, directed by Maria Duarte e Elsa Valentim; and “Ciclo Inconsular”, 1996, directed by João Grosso, Rogério Carvalho and Elsa Valentim. Patrícia Portela has received the Prize revelation 94 by the association of theatre critics of Portugal.

EXHIBITIONS: Quadrienal of Prague 99 – exhibition on Young international. Supported by IC.“Teatro português contemporâneo” [colective exhibition; Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1998]; and Jovens cenógrafos [collective exhibition; organized by Pedro Sena Nunes, Teatro Taborda, 1998].

Founder member and part of the artistic direction of Associação Cultural Prado in partnership with Isabel Garcez and Helena Serra since 2003 and founding member of the collective O resto and active element between 1998 and 2000.

Patrícia Portela lectures regularly in different cities and in several artistic centres since 2003. The last seminars were: MA and PHD seminar on Interactive stage at the Theatre and Cinema Faculty of Lisbon 2015;
Workshops on dramaturgy and creative writing at the University festival Fatal (2014) and in TAGV- University of Coimbra (2014 and 2015); coordenation of the third semester of Professional Education in Dance PEPCC in Forum Dança, 2014 (where she lectures “dramaturgies of space” since 2004) or the MA seminar in visual arts, theatre and cinema, with “John Cage, and alternative scores”, at the University of Antwerp, 2013. Patrícia Portela was the coordinator of the 1st year of Cem Dramaturgias 2001/2002, a pilot-lab project on dramaturgy and performing arts at CEM, where she lectured dramaturgy of space between 1998 and 2002.